2010 Foundation Facilities & Staffing Survey

The California Consortium of Education Foundations receives many requests from local education foundation leaders for comparative operational information.  LEF leaders were given two online survey on facilities, insurance, staffing, and benefits administered by CCEF in 2010. Survey responses are being used by CCEF to assist and inform foundation leaders and others.  Foundation specific data is not released publicly.  CCEF does report aggregated information to EdSource for inclusion in their fact sheets to education and policy leaders.

If you have questions, want more information, or if the contact information for your foundation has changed, please notify CCEF Executive Director Susan Sweeney by calling 650-324-1653. 

Summary of 2010 CCEF Survey Findings
Note: foundations have many different fiscal years that overlap 2008 and 2009.

In 2009, California education foundations —

  1. Contributed in excess of $230 million annually to address public education needs at the local level
  2. Engaged over 36,000 volunteers on their boards and as volunteers
  3. Served over 4.5 million children

More than 675 active local education foundations support public education in California. These (501)(c)3 non-profit organizations contribute resources (volunteer, in-kind, and financial) and lead community conversations about the needs of public education and students. They also facilitate school, civic, and business partnerships to address local student needs such as pre-school, mentoring, after school enrichment, and health initiatives.  In the last two years, many foundations report focusing on community campaigns to retain existing basic services and staff, which have been threatened by the California financial crisis. Like California's crazy quilt of school districts, local education foundations serve districts, multiple districts, clusters of schools within a single district, individual sites as well as entire counties.  However, most foundations serve a single school district.